When do we need to revisit your technical environment?

Struggling with data access and exchange between database: within your organization, across division, project or teams ? externally? 

Simplify and streamline your workflow

Standardize the environment

Move your departmental owned systems to business process oriented systems

Define a sustainable eco-system!!

Pharma development information Landscape  

Need more information ?
 “Design a consistent and comprehensive PD system landscape supporting innovation and efficient business processes.”

  • Simplify processes, workflows, data flow and integration interface

  • Defines, implements and governs (industry) standards that align the data structures along the value chain and across projects and studies

  • Process, performance and workflow management capabilities

  • Decoupling of system = higher flexibility and reduced maintenance cost

Supports innovation by introducing Meta Data information flows:

System & Data Management flow /Electronic Healts Records 


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